Dear customers, We are constantly receiving complaints that there are counterfeit products on the market with the name Lipovon. To stop all speculation and protect our customers from fraud, we are announcing our sole and official representative for Europe. Donzahandel is the only representative that offers Lipovon Original for the entire European continent. has its representatives in the different European countries you will find on the page. Lipovon Original can only be purchased with a verification code from these dealers.
Here you can buy the original LIPOVON product.

Lipovon guarantees the quality of its products. As an official importer of the brand, we offer reasonable prices, safety and high quality.

Despite everything, our products are easily recognizable thanks to their distinctive characters, but it is sometimes difficult for the user to distinguish original Lipovon from its copies because they often have similar characteristics.

For greater security, Lipovon developed an identity hologram on the label. The hologram contains a code, it is round and located on the label, i.e. it cannot be detached.


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